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    Ballarpur’s Crescent Public School that took up the ‘kaccha badam” challenge and made it a success

    February 22: Providing a stable foundation in life through quality education that embodies one’s culture and brings out the best of the child’s creativity. Making this endeavor a reality, Mrs. Humera Khan has taken the sole responsibility of two schools. The schools began in 2011 run by the Crescent Shiksha Mandal under which the two schools are managed, crescent Public School and Creative Minds Pre-school. An extremely hardworking woman has worked them efficiently as the principal all these years.

    The innovative teaching method has caught on, which has worked in the children’s favour who love to come to school as they learn through the play-way approach. It has given them the urge to learn while having fun. The learning process no longer feels like a burden. Parents also love to see their kids happy and enjoy their time at school. It helps them know that their children are not only learning well but also feel worth sending their wards to this fantastic learning program.

    The school isn’t just caught in completing the syllabus but has several extracurricular activities that form a part of the child’s overall development. These activities are organized for the benefit of the kids as their hidden talents are discovered. They get to utilize their creativity and passion for doing something out of the box or showing their talent in making a difference. A lot of these programs are engaging and beneficial for them to have a break from the usual study programs. 

    Rangoli-making, Painting, skits and drama on stage are platforms wherein children will inculcate how to face the audience and make their potential known to the world. It’s a place wherein they can hone their talents with expert guidance from various teachers who will allow the kids to explore and help them spread their wings.
    They will become confident young people who love to bring pride to the school and joy to their parents through their achievements that the school loves to showcase. The principal, Mrs. Humera, had thought of this innovative method to get students to enjoy their studies, which she could do with the help of dance teachers like Mr. Subhash Pendor. The kids were able to take up the ‘kaccha badam challenge’ with the help of the dance teacher and make it a success by performing in front of people with the help of the in-house digital team of Crescent.

    The names of the students who performed are Creative Minds Pre-School, Ballarpur – Sharanya Sharma, Hritesh, Kiara Ganshettiwar, Aradhya Chaturvedi, Harleen Manghani, Seerat Manghani, Himakshi Matangi, Kabir Thakur, Sanchit Kadwe, Jagyana Prasad Padhya, Riddhima Chauhan, Snigdha Chatterjee, Vanshika Khanke, Vidhi Nishad, Shivom Nishad.

    Crescent Public School, Ballarpur – Yukta Nathani, Hanshika Harbade, Rakshit Surayanshi, Kairav Kapoor, Yashika Kapoor, Shrinidhi Nirwatla, Parth Kukreja, Rishi Varma, Aditi Kukreja, Siddhi Chauhan, Unnati Nathani, Taniya Gidwani, Humaira Sajid Sheikh, Hanshika Nathan, Kalp Kukreja, Aarshia Gidwani, Yashmi Rajpurohit, Swati Ravi, Lavanya Bhaisare, Pranay Varma, Lakshika Raut, Manraj Singh Kalsi, Sparsh Kabra, Aarav Sharma, Navika Sharma, Ishika Yadav, Sahaskrithi Billa.

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