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    Top 10 Rising Startups in 2021-22 announced by Fame Finders

    New Delhi (India), June 10: Startups are the pillars of higher economic growth and rising employment rates. Starting and maintaining a startup is challenging, but a great vision, resilience, and self-belief lead to success.

    Fame Finders Media, a renowned Public Relations Agency, honors these top 10 startup founders of the country, who are thriving on the path of entrepreneurship by undergoing various challenges and are keep pushing their startups forward by setting realistic goals.

    1. Sangeeta Kabra – CEO & Founder of PerfectU

    Sangeeta Kabra is an international life coach, leadership coach, clinical hypnotherapist & child mentor with – ChildLine1098.

    PerfectU is dedicated to eradicating issues concerning individuals’ health, society, and relationships. The company is certified in Life Coaching and Leadership coaching and helps people unlock their potential and achieve their desired success in their jobs and Business.

    PerfectU provides the platform to help individuals, groups, and communities by providing a systematic, methodical way to manage today’s stressful environment, competition, anxiety, stress, depression, and other related issues.

    2. Dr. Divya Tanwar – Founder and Chairperson of Divey Foundation

    Dr. Divya Tanwar is a Ph.D. in Computer Science, M.Phil., M.C.A., M.B.A. and B.Sc. (Electronics), and is a distinguished academician with over a decade of experience teaching computer science to B.C.A. and M.C.A. aspirants. She is an author, cyber security expert, and also an active social worker.

    She has founded Divey Foundation to promote the skill development of women & girl children. The Foundation pursuits to provide education and skills to the children living in the urban slums of Delhi. The foundation also works for the protection of women against domestic violence and provides legal, medical, and mental support in cases of crisis.

    With her passion for making the nation a better place to live, she has done several practices and has been awarded the ‘Suryagaurav Rashtriya Puraskar-2020’ award for her exemplary contributions and has been nominated for the prestigious Padmashri Award, 2022.

    3. Chitranka Chowdhury – Founder & Artist of CHITRANKA

    Began her journey working as a journalist with a renowned newspaper agency after completing her master’s in Mass Communication, then moved on to a city-based leisure magazine & online forums as a content writer and then ventured into the ad world.

    Later, she set a new path to success and initiated her journey as an artist. She chose to put her creativity not only on the clichéd mediums of painting but resorted to doing things differently. Her passion, dedication and excellence have led her to where she has become a brand.

    She has launched varied excellent collections of hand-painted sarees, jewelry, T-shirts, murals, lifestyle products and home decor products.

    4. Amodita Dhuri – Founder of Online Ladoo Store, Gajamatol
    Started as a textile designer in 1999, she has worked with various reputed home furnishing companies. Later on, she decided to turn her passion for cooking into her career and started making and selling jaggery ladoos in 2016.

    Started with just six ladoos, which have increased to 31 varieties of ladoos, four barfis, and three types of chips. Her vision is to provide a healthier alternative to white sugar sweets, that is why launched various varieties of freshly and hygienically handmade pure desi ghee laddoos having jaggery and dates as a base.

    5. Milind Gupta – Co-founder of PydePyper Marketing

    A new-age visionary digital marketing agency that has disrupted the industry for all the right reasons! Equipped with comprehensive insights into the complexities of Indian and U.S e-commerce markets, the agency has managed to clock over Rs 57.5 Crore in collective client revenue in a span of 12 months since its incorporation. 

    A passionate entrepreneur since the age of seven, he spearheaded the business development & advertising vertical of CPALead- a US based fortune 500 company, for two years. He has also been bestowed with 2 COMMA CLUB awards for generating $1.8MM through a single sales funnel on Clickfunnels. 

    With a combined experience of 14+ years, tech-enabled solutions and data-driven decision-making, the team at PPM boast of a 99%+ client retention rate- a cogent corroboration of the organization’s virtuoso, dedication and impact.

    6. Madhusudhan – Founder of Agasty Energy

    Agasty Energy is India’s emerging provider of green energy with a market-driven retention approach and with a purpose to take urbanization in India to its next level with their revolutionary Li-ion (Lithium-ion) battery pack for 360° green energy solutions. With a vision of a sustainable future, the company is investing nationwide for a better, smarter, connected, and greener India.

    Agasty Energy is recognized as the emerging industry giant of LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries manufacturers in India for domestic and commercial applications as well.

    7. Amit Shah – Founder of Meghna Diamonds

    Mr. Amit Shah is the founder of the renowned jewelry outlet Meghna Diamonds, with three branches in the prominent cities of India – Mumbai, Delhi, and Surat, established in the year 1976. The company is known for its authenticity and excellence.

    For the last two years, he has started selling lab-grown diamond jewelry as well. He shares the fact that Lab-grown diamonds are similar to the natural ones in terms of light and luster. No one can recognize the difference with naked eyes until you get it into a lab test. Lab-grown diamonds have the same carbon as natural diamonds. Also, the price of Lab-grown diamonds is less than one-third of the natural diamonds.

    He also offers all his clients cash back and exchanges on his previously sold jewelry. His brilliant startup plan of selling affordable Lab-Grown Diamonds has huge potential for his business growth.

    8. Dr. Durgaprasad Bandi – Founder & CEO of Namaste Kisan

    Dr. Durgaprasad believes that organic farmers contribute to society’s overall growth; that is why he established Namaste Kisan in 2016, a marketplace for these organic farmers. The company sells organic products directly sourced from farmers and provides healthy food to customers at an affordable cost.

    He aims to get associated with one lac+ organic farmers and make them discoverable through this exclusive marketplace where they can display their products and set their prices, and consumers can buy directly from organic farmers.

    Considering the future plans of Namaste kisan, it will be the rising startup in India by impacting both consumers’ and farmers’ lives.

    9. Raashi Bathija – Co-founder of UnMath School Pvt. Ltd.

    UnMath School is an organization striving toward creating interactive Math based experiences for teachers and students to give them an opportunity to look at Math beyond their curriculum and find its relevance in real-life situations.  Raashi’s epiphany for starting Unmath came early in her life.

    She did not develop a liking for the subject because she failed to see its relevance in real life. Divesh (co-founder), on the other hand, was fond of the subject, but he did find a gap in how it was taught. It was important to both of them to help the young minds find relevance to the subject. That’s when the idea of UnMath germinated. Over the years, they have created enriching experiences in more than 200 schools across Asia, the Middle East, and The USA and have impacted 50000+ students and 10000+ teachers who have immensely benefited from their various programs.

    10. Mitresh Sharma – Founder of First Bud Organics

    Organic food brands are becoming more and more prominent and appreciated as the population becomes much more health-oriented. Additionally, the concept of organic food swings back to the old ways, urging us to ingest natural foods.

    On that note, let us introduce you to First Bud Organics, an Indian-based organic produce brand.

    First Bud Organics brings a wide choice of organic, high-quality products to their customers doorstep without compromising on quality or quantity. “Our whole supply chain, from farm procurement to production, packing, and delivery, ensures that our customers receive farm-fresh, high-quality products at a reasonable price”. Says Mitresh Sharma, Founder of First Bud Organics.

    This successful campaign had been managed and coordinated by ReenaMehra from Fame Finders, and readers may know more about the campaigns by clicking on or contact at +91 8376073113 or

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