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    DIVINE POWER HOLISTIC THERAPY: Transforming Lives Through Holistic Health and Wellness

    New Delhi (India), November 4: In an era dominated by technological advancements and rapid changes, the pursuit of holistic health and wellness has emerged as a prominent solution for individuals facing various personal and health-related issues. Sushma Joshi and Shrikant Joshi, founders of DIVINE POWER HOLISTIC THERAPY, have become trailblazers in the field of LIFE COACHING and HEALTHCARE WITHOUT MEDICINE. Their unique approach to healing has not only earned them accolades, including the Prime Time Research & Media Healthcare Excellence Award, but also transformed the lives of countless individuals around the world. This article delves into the principles, methodologies, and success stories behind DIVINE POWER HOLISTIC THERAPY’s remarkable journey.


    DIVINE POWER HOLISTIC THERAPY is more than just a counseling service; it is a transformative experience that touches the lives of people facing a myriad of issues. The core belief of this therapy is that every individual carries a unique set of personal problems and health challenges. As such, Sushma Joshi and Shrikant Joshi provide personalized holistic therapies tailored to address these issues.

    Resolving Family and Relationship Issues:

    One of the primary areas where DIVINE POWER HOLISTIC THERAPY excels is in resolving family and relationship problems. Families often face turbulent times, and relationships can become strained due to various factors. With their compassionate and expert guidance, the Joshis have united many couples on the brink of separation and divorce. By addressing the underlying emotional and psychological issues, they help individuals and families rediscover love and harmony.

    Empowering Women’s Pregnancy & Health:

    Women’s health issues are another prominent area where DIVINE POWER HOLISTIC THERAPY has made a significant impact. This therapy has played a pivotal role in helping women facing pregnancy difficulties and infertility. The approach goes beyond just the physical aspects of health and delves into the emotional and psychological aspects, recognizing that these factors can significantly impact a woman’s well-being. Through their holistic techniques, Joshi’s DIVINE POWER HOLISTIC THERAPY has empowered women to overcome health challenges and embrace a healthier life.

    Health and Wellness Without Medicine:

    A distinguishing aspect of DIVINE POWER HOLISTIC THERAPY is its commitment to health and wellness without the use of conventional medicine. The therapy emphasizes natural healing methods and lifestyle changes to improve one’s overall well-being. By addressing the root causes of health problems, individuals can experience lasting improvements in their physical, mental, and emotional health, often without the need for medication.

    Online Counseling for a Global Impact:

    In an increasingly connected world, DIVINE POWER HOLISTIC THERAPY reaches individuals around the globe through online counseling. This modern approach allows people from diverse cultural backgrounds to access the benefits of holistic therapy without geographical constraints. Whether it’s Family Issues, Relationship troubles, Women’s Pregnancy and health concerns, or Depression, DIVINE POWER HOLISTIC THERAPY provides its services to a worldwide audience.

    Success Stories:

    DIVINE POWER HOLISTIC THERAPY has a remarkable track record of transforming lives and resolving complex issues. Several heartwarming success stories highlight the profound impact of this therapy:

    Reuniting Couples: A couple on the brink of divorce sought the help of Joshi’s DIVINE POWER HOLISTIC THERAPY. Through counseling and holistic therapy, they rediscovered the love and connection that had initially brought them together. Today, they are happily married, with a stronger bond than ever.

    Pregnancy Miracle: A woman struggling with infertility turned to DIVINE POWER HOLISTIC THERAPY after exhausting conventional medical options. With personalized care and natural healing techniques, she successfully conceived and gave birth to a healthy child.

    Overcoming Depression: An individual battling chronic depression found solace and healing through the therapy provided by Joshi’s DIVINE POWER HOLISTIC THERAPY. By addressing the emotional and psychological aspects of depression, they helped the individual regain a sense of purpose and joy in life.


    Sushma Joshi and Shrikant Joshi’s DIVINE POWER HOLISTIC THERAPY stands as a beacon of hope for those seeking healing and transformation in their lives. By addressing a wide array of issues, from Family and Relationship problems to Women’s Pregnancy Issues and health and wellness, this therapy has earned well-deserved recognition for its remarkable impact. With a commitment to personalized care and a global reach through online counseling, DIVINE POWER HOLISTIC THERAPY is poised to continue making a profound difference in the lives of countless individuals seeking a holistic approach to health and wellness.

    For more information and to experience the transformative power of DIVINE POWER HOLISTIC THERAPY, visit their website at

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