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    Bukalo : Indian Fitness Supplement Market Sees Rise in Domestic Brands

    New Delhi (India), July 8: Bukalo India Private Limited., founded in 2014 by Sandeep Singh. Based in Gurugram, Haryana, offering a range of fitness supplements catering to different needs, from muscle building to weight management. The company also owns two sub-brands: GXN, focusing on sports nutrition, and Daily Scoop, providing everyday health supplements.

    The Indian fitness supplement market has witnessed significant growth in recent years, fuelled by increasing health awareness and a growing fitness enthusiast base. Traditionally dominated by international brands, the market is now seeing a surge in domestic companies vying for a piece of the pie.

    Bukalo isn’t the only domestic player making waves. Several other Indian brands are making their mark on the market, offering competitive prices and formulations tailored to the Indian palate and physique. This trend is being driven by factors like:

    • Increased Affordability: Domestic brands can often undercut the pricing of international competitors due to lower production and marketing costs.
    • Localization: Domestic companies can better understand and cater to the specific needs and preferences of Indian consumers.
    • Government Initiatives: The Indian government’s push for “Make in India” initiatives is encouraging the production of domestic supplements.

    However, the road ahead for domestic brands isn’t without challenges. They need to compete with the established brand loyalty of international players and ensure strict quality control measures to build trust with consumers.

    Analysts predict that the Indian fitness supplement market is poised for continued growth, with domestic brands expected to capture a significant share in the coming years. Whether Bukalo will be a major player remains to be seen, but their presence highlights the growing competitiveness of the Indian supplement industry.

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